Integrating with Harvest is simple and only a matter of having harvest authorize your connection to InvoicePayout.  With the connection established, your active Harvest customers and loaded along with the invoice item types.

Invoice status in Harvest
Invoices in every status are imported into InvoicePayout.  This means your 'draft' invoices will also be visible to sales reps when they login if there is a commission rule.

Removing Invoices
Removing an invoice in Harvest does not remove it from InvoicePayout.  You will need to remove any commission records related to invoices you remove from Harvest.

Removing Invoice Lines
Removing invoice lines in Harvest will not remove them from InvoicePayout.  You will need to remove any commission records on invoice lines you remove in Harvest.

Changing Invoice Line Types and Amounts 

When the invoices are imported, InvoicePayout will store each invoice line and compare it to the commission rules.  If the line amount is changed in Harvest, the amount in InvoicePayout on will be updated provided the item is not set as 'paid' in InvoicePayout.

If you change the line type in Harvest, this update will also be applied to the record in InvoicePayout.  If there are commission rules referencing the new line type, a commission record will be created.

'Clawbacks' and commission offsets
If you need to reduce the commissions for a sales agent, you can enter a negative amount on an invoice in Harvest that will be reflected as a negative commission in InvoicePayout.  You can also adjust the amount you pay on the commission records in InvoicePayout.

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