The commission rules are the first thing that need to be created in InvoicePayout to determine which sales person should have a commission calculated.  You will start by determining the Harvest customer and the line type.  These will be used to determine if a sales commission should be calculated.

The discount range in the rule allows you to vary the commission amount paid to the sales person using the discount percentage that you have applied to the invoice in Harvest.  For example:  You want to pay a rep 10% when there is no discount, and 5% when they invoice is discounted 10%.

You will select the sales person to assign the commission to from the list of 'Users' that you have created in your site. This is how the application determine who can see the commission records when they log in.  If you have not added a user to your site yet you can do so from the 'Add Rule' window.

When the invoice line matches the commission rule, the commission amount will be calculated from the percentage you have defined in the rule.  If you create multiple rules for the sale invoice item, InvoicePayout will calculate multiple commission records, allowing you to pay more than one sales person for the same invoice.

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